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Photo Credits: Jasalyn Thorne & @oetyler (instagram)

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Drop-off / Pick-up Packages

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Talus Lake - Drop off or Pickup Only (1 trip)

This is a great package for those looking to hike in or out via Grizzly Lake, those with reduced mobility, or if you're just looking to do some "glamping". Transportation by vehicle can be provided to or from the trail head based upon availability with our partners at the klondike experience

Passengers & gear under 650 lbs (3 passengers max): $1400 + tax

*this option will only be available starting in july*

Passengers & gear 650 lbs to 1200 lbs (5 passengers max): $1750 + tax

For larger groups (5 to 10 passengers) requiring multiple trips, we have a more cost effective option where we can shuttle part of the group from our approved landing area on the dempster highway: $2650 + tax


* Prices double if you are looking for drop-off & pickup on separate trips/days. Camping permits must be obtained prior to being dropped off in the Park. *

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