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  • What type of helicopter will we be flying in?
    For groups of 3 or less we use a Jet Ranger, for groups larger than 3 we use the Astar.
  • How much storage space is available in the helicopter for camping/hiking gear?
    Our smaller machine has one large external baggage area in the rear of the helicopter, anything else will have to be stored internally. Two passengers and gear works well, 3 passengers and gear all available space will be used. Our larger machine will be fitted with an external "ski basket", there will be 2 additional external cargo compartments available, and there is extra room available inside of the machine.
  • Can we bring dangerous goods such as bear spray?
    Bear spray & camp fuel will have to be stored in an external compartment on the helicopter. Any items containing lithium batteries and portable battery banks must be kept inside the helicopter in carry-on baggage.
  • Where does the helicopter take-off & depart from?
    Where it is a Territorial Park, there are only a few approved take-off & landing sites. All flights depart from our base in Dawson City (location listed on the Contact page). We are permitted to land at Talus Lake for flightseeing or camping drop-off/pick-up. We can also land at Azure Lake and/or Syenite Lakes, but we cannot drop passengers off at these locations (flightseeing only). We can also shuttle people to and from the park via a gravel pit at KM67 on the Dempster Highway. Please inquire directly for pricing on this option (this is sometimes done as a more cost effective option for larger groups).
  • Are drop-offs/pick-ups available at Divide Lake? Grizzly Lake? Grizzly Lake trailhead?
    No, unfortunately these are not approved landing areas. We have to follow strict regulations when flying in the Park.
  • Do you offer shuttle service to/from the trailhead?
    No we do not offer shuttle service, but our partners at The Klondike Experience would be happy to assist with this.
  • What are the best months for weather?
    The valley floor in the Park is roughly 3000' higher in elevation than Dawson City and temperatures typically run about 10 degrees Celsius colder than town. June: Typically still cold in the park, there can be remnants of snow and the lakes will still most likely have some ice in them. July: Although we do have wet seasons, July typically has the most sunny days and the hottest temperatures. August: August usually sees more rainfall and weather days, and temperatures start to drop down as the month progresses. Morning fog can be expected most days, and we usually have to do later departures. September: September can bring anything from Summer to Winter weather. It can be challenging to access the park and we usually have to wait out morning fog and depart later in the day. Snow, sleet and hail are all possible. September 11th is the latest booking available for camping, although Parks can extend this based on good weather conditions.
  • When do the fall colours come out and how long do they last?
    This varies by season and can be a pretty short window. Sometime during the last week of August the colours will start to come out and typically after the first week of September they are gone. Note: This is one of our busiest times, so it's good to book long in advance for fall colour viewings.
  • How many people can each machine fit? What if we have a larger group?
    Our smaller machine can transport 3 passengers & gear totalling not more than 650 lbs. Our larger machine can accomodate up to 5 passengers & gear totalling not more than 1200 lbs. For groups of over 5 passengers, it is rare that during the busy summer months we will have 2 machines available to fly out simultaneously. Option 1 would be 2 flights one after the other. Option 2 would be half the crew flies out in the helicopter while the other half of the crew goes out to Km67 on the Dempster by road shuttle, and once the first crew is in the second crew gets bumped from the Highway into Talus Lake. For this option, please contact us directly for pricing. Road shuttle service can be arranged through our partners at The Klondike Experience.
  • How long is the flight? What will we see?
    The flight lasts between 20 and 30 minutes depending on winds. For our flightseeing tours, so long as weather allows we will take a different approach inbound & outbound. Inbound we fly over the remnants of the Yukon ditch, Little 12 Mile Creek and the Tombstone Valley. Outbound we will fly by the tallest peak Mount Frank Rae and over into the next valley to the north over Azure Lake and around to the Syenite Lakes before coming back to town. For our camping drop-offs/pick-ups, we will do a small circuit of the Tombstone Valley prior to landing to give you a good view of your surroundings from the air.
  • Can we fly over Grizzly Lake/Valley?
    No, unfortunately due to Dall Sheep migration we are not able to overfly the area.
  • How far in advance should we book?
    The earlier the better, so if you have your dates confirmed it's best for us to get you into the schedule, especially during fall colour season (end of August, start of Sept). We can usually accomodate on shorter notice as well, but it will be based on availability.
  • Do you require a deposit to secure a booking?
    No we do not require a deposit to hold your spot. But we request that you let us know as soon as possible if your plans change so we can book the machine with other clients.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We do not have a formal cancellation policy in place, we just request that if your plans change you let us know as soon as possible so we can offer the machine to other clients.
  • What happens if flights are cancelled or delayed due to weather?
    For pickups in the park, always plan on a few extra days food just incase the machine cannot get out due to weather. August and September delayed pickups can be expected due to morning fog. For flightseeing tours, if there won't be much to see due to cloud cover we will typically discuss this with you and try to reschedule for a clearer day. For camping pick-ups/drop-offs, so long as the valley is open the trip will still go ahead. Otherwise, the flight will have to be pushed to a clearer day.
  • Where is your hangar located?
    Our hangar is located on the North Klondike Highway on the left just prior to town at the confluence of the Klondike & Yukon rivers across from the ball park.
  • Are there Sat Phone and/or inReach rentals in Dawson City?
    No, the nearest business offering rentals is located in Whitehorse. Total North Communications.
  • Where can we get camping supplies?
    It is recommended to have camping supplies prior to arrival as stock in Dawson City can be quite limited. Camping supplies are available from The Trading Post & the local Home Hardware.
  • Are we able to ride share and split fairs with another party?
    If you would like to split fair with another trip, this will have to be arranged on your own. We will try our best to accomodate smaller parties or single travellers by noting your name and contacting you should something arise, but we cannot guarantee a split fair will be possible.
  • Do you fly dogs?
    Yes we do! The dog will have to be securely held by the owner during the flight. Most dogs are a bit apprehensive on take-off and quickly relax afterwards until we shutdown.
  • Can I bring my drone?
    No, drones are illegal within Tombstone Territorial Park boundaries and carry a hefty fine per offence. They also pose a significant risk to helicopters.
  • When should I check-in/arrive at the hangar?
    We recommend you check in with us a few days prior to your flight to discuss weather, and arrive at the hangar 30 mins before departure time. This will allow time for you to receive a safety briefing, complete a covid declaration, and for us to load the helicopter.
  • How should I dress? What should I bring?
    Be prepared to encounter Spring/Summer/Fall weather. No open toed shoes will be permitted for the flight, and always be prepared to stay the night even if it is just a flightseeing tour. Something to keep you warm and dry is always encouraged, as well as water and snacks.
  • Can I take photos from the helicopter? Use my phone?
    Yes absolutely! There will be plenty to see. The front window can slide open for pictures to reduce glare as well. We just ask that nothing protrude from the window as this poses a serious risk to the helicopter if it were to depart out the window.
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